Windows NT Embedded Step-By-Step

Windows NT Embedded Step-By-Step
by Sean Liming

Windows NT Embedded Step-by-Step is designed to help engineers build embedded systems using Windows NT Embedded. Rather than trying to educate by simply providing line after line of text and code, the book actually walks the reader through exercises that can be completed with a desktop development system and target device. The exercises in the book have been carefully selected to be representative of real world situations that developers will face in the process of completing their own designs. By literally working through exercises step-by-step, developers will find that they can easily build very powerful and reliable operating systems. There's no substitute for learning by doing, and the breadth of the exercises contained within provides a knowledge base that will assist the reader in quickly creating new, functionally rich solutions.

  • The only book available on Microsoft's Windows NT Embedded operating system
  • Shows developers how to build reliable embedded systems with NTE
  • Includes 14 hands-on exercises chosen for real world practicality

Contents : Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Target Designer – Creating NTE Images; Chapter 3 Embedded Features; Chapter 4 Component Designer - Developing KDFs; Chapter 5 Exploring Other Components and Features; Chapter 6 Deployment Strategies; Chapter 7 Resources Pages : 240

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Table of Contents and Sample Chapter
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