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Windows CE

Windows CE File Access Errors TIP - by John R. Malin - January 2006 - Sometimes Platform Builder will changes the file access rights to a workspace. This paper identifies the problem, and then provides a work around to reclaim rights to the workspace.

Windows CE BSP Cloning Tips - by John R. Malin - October 2005 - Discusses the proper techniques for cloning a Windows CE BSP, and the article also discusses the trouble spots when using the BSP Wizard.

Avoiding Platform Builder Workspaces Corruption - by John R. Malin - October 2005 - Shows the problem and the solution to a file directory corruption issue caused by the New Platform Wizard.

Sources File Corruption in Platform Builder Tip - by John R. Malin - October 2005 - Sometimes changing settings will corrupt the sources files in Platform Builder workspace. This tip shows you what to watch out for and how to correct the sources file corruption issue.



Windows XP Embedded

"Warning 1006: Invalid registry data fixup" Solution - by Sean Liming - March 2006 - Importing .REG files is a key feature of XPe. Sometimes the import doesn't catch registry resources that have values, but no value name. This article looks at the cause and solution.

The Business Value of XP Embedded's Embedded Enabling Features (EEFs) - By Sean Liming and John R. Malin - This article focuses on the business value of EEF for those decision makers looking at the differences between XPe and XP pro.

Coming Together: Best Practices for XPe in the Corporate Network - by Sean Liming and John R. Malin - March 2006 - With technology always changing, IT departments struggle with newer products coming to market. XPe provides OEM makers the flexibility to create devices with custom features and interfaces. Some times the goals of the OEM don't line up with the needs of the corporate IT departments. Architecting the image is import so the image can be managed in the field. This paper looks at the best practices for developing an image that IT departments can support.

Configuring XP Embedded ThinClients - by Sean Liming and John R. Malin - April 2005 - Thin Client solutions provide low cost and low maintenance computing solution for large organizations. Every company is different, and IT departments want to customize the installation to fit their applications and security policies. This application note provides the getting started tips to customizing a XP Embedded Thin Client.

XPE STOP 0x0000007B Error – by Sean Liming - March 2005 - STOP 7B is one of the most common errors when trying to boot XPe for the first time. The application note discusses the issues and possible solutions to this error.

Dual-Booting Tips for XP Embedded - by Sean Liming - February 2005 - Dual-booting is one of the most popular target methods when getting familiar with Windows XP Embedded. The application note discusses some of the tricks to solve configuration settings for the ARC path and drive letters.

SLD Import Error TIP - by Sean Liming - February 2005 - SLD fails to import because a repository folder could not be deleted.


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