News: February 6, 2006


Windows XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit - Tools Release 2 - Now Shipping

Update Versions to Component Helper, Component Tracker, and SLX tools

San Diego , Calif. , Feb 6, 2006 – SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the Windows XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit – Tools Release 2. The tools are designed to help developers in several areas with their XP Embedded projects: creating components, finding resources, version control, and documentation. Tools Release 2 updates Component Helper and introduces Component Hunter and SLDX Assistant.

“We are pleased with the feedback we received from the initial toolkit. The new release adds more features which improve and expand the capability of the original tools,” says Sean Liming, Managing Director of SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions, “I am also pleased to have had fellow MVP and veteran embedded developer John R. Malin assist with the development of this new release. John's vast experience was extremely helpful with some of the new features.”

Component Helper V2 is an installation snapshot tool that captures file and registry information. SLD and REG files are the output, and installed files are gathered into a single directory. The new version adds the ability to select different drives; scan option for files, registry entries, or both; and SLD output.

Component Hunter contains an update to the original Component Tracker, and adds several new search tools: Dependency Hunter a static analysis tool, File search, and Registry search.

SLDX Assistant comes as a command line and graphical tool, which can extract and compare information from SLX and SLD files. SLDX Assistant is ideal for version control, documenting a project, and tracking down resources.

Tools Release 2 price is $199.99 USD, and the Windows XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit book is now sold separately for $34.99 USD. Both can be purchased online at sjjmicro.com or contact via e-mail or telephone .




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