Windows XP Embedded Training

Windows XP Embedded Training Curriculum - Standard 3 Day course - Microsoft Official Curriculum 2545C

MOC2545C covers XP Embedded Service Pack 2. A development and target PCs are required for each student. The course has been designed to support several optional deployment labs. Choices of labs are dependent on facility capability. Below is the outline for the course.

The training can be delivered over the web or on site. Please contact us for pricing information.

Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP Embedded

  • Overview
  • Windows XP Embedded: Design Goals
  • Windows XP Embedded Vs. Windows CE
  • Windows XP Pro SP2 vs. Windows XP Embedded SP2
  • Windows XP Embedded: SP2 Additions
  • Windows XP Embedded: System Requirements
  • Lab 1: Virtual PC Setup (Optional)

Module 2: Windows XP Embedded: The Build Process

  • The Build Process
  • Architecting XPe Systems
  • Lab 2: A First Look XPe Environment

Module 3: Target Analyzer and Target Designer

  • Target Analyzer: Introduction
  • Target Designer: Interface
  • Target Designer: Configuration
  • Target Designer: The Options Feature
  • Target Designer: Estimate Footprint Feature
  • Lab 3: Exploring Target Analyzer and Target Designer

Module 4: Building and Deploying an Operating System Image

  • Deployment Overview
  • Build Process
  • Preparing Target Media
  • Deploying the Operating System
  • Lab 4: Deploying an Operating System Image (Part 1)

Module 5: Windows XP Embedded Enabling Features

  • Servicing (DUA / SUS / SMS)
  • Headless Operation
  • System Message Interception
  • Enhanced Write Filter
  • Bootable CD-ROM
  • Flash Media
  • Remote Management
  • Shell Customization
  • Lab 5: Exploring Embedded Features
  • Lab 6: Deploying an Operating System Image (Part 2)

Module 6: Building XP Embedded Components Using Component Designer

  • What is Component Designer?
  • Componentization Concepts
  • Component Resources
  • Understanding Repositories
  • Role of a Repository Set
  • Role of a Package
  • Lab 7: Creating an XP Embedded Component

Module 7: Advanced Components and Additional Support Tools

  • Converting Components
  • Creating Custom Shell Components
  • Component Building Tools
  • Security
  • Real-Time Extensions
  • Debugging
  • Lab 8: Creating More Custom Components


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